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Europa Aircraft are the European suppliers and support centre for Airmaster Propellers. If you would like to order an Airmaster Propeller or would like more details about the products we offer, please contact us.

About Airmaster Propellers

Airmaster Propellers are a technology based company specialising in the manufacture of high performance propeller systems.  Airmaster use modern design, analysis, manufacturing and testing tools to ensure that their propellers are light, strong and give high performance.

Each Airmaster propeller is crafted to the specific requirements of your aircraft and engine combination. We supply the full system incorporating CS electric hub, composite blades, CS electric governor, spinner, extensions, wiring and hardware.


  • Simple set-up with user adjustable stops
  • Electric actuation by quality ‘Globe’(USA) pitch change motor.
  • Removable blade assembly cartridge gives easy installation and maintenance.
  • Full feathering options


Wide choice of blades provided by the world leaders in composite blade design and manufacture, including Sensenich (USA), Warpdrive (USA)

  • Inlaid solid leading edge protection
  • Advanced ' composite' design 
  • Hard wearing  finish

Spacers and Extensions

Full range of spacers and extensions (custom sizes available)

  • Rotax 4in bolt pattern 
  • Sizes 0.5in to 4in 
  • Machined from billet 6061 T651 Aluminium
  • AN mounting hardware


  • Quality spun aluminium cone and back plate.
  • Sizes 8.3, 9, 10.3, 11.2, 12.2in
  • Finished in Polished, Matt or White
  • Fully adjustable front support
  • AN Hardware used throughout

AC200 Control System

  • Simple selection of engine speeds
  • Hold speed adjustable in flight 
  • Modern 'solid state' electric governor
  • Full manual override
  • Clear indicators
  • Fully automatic 'Feather’ available


An Airmaster CS Propeller System will give you

  • Higher top speed (up to 20%)
  • Shorter take off roll (up to 30%)
  • Quicker climb (typically 10%)
  • Steeper descent
  • Improved efficiency and flight range (up to 20%)
  • Quieter operation and lower pilot fatigue
  • Safer flying
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complete backup from ‘the factory’ and reseller network

Company Mission

Airmaster specialises in making high performance propeller systems where quality comes first.  By combining the best composite blade technology currently available from independent suppliers, with a precise and reliable constant speed hub system, Airmaster is able to provide a unique performance enhancement to your aircraft.


Airmaster place a lot of pride in the quality of our propellers and offer a money back guarantee of satisfaction in addition to the standard product warranty of one year.

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