Customer Profile Jeroen Glazener


Jeroen Glazener

An employee of Fokker for 15 years and now the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes, Jeroen is using his build as a way to get back into aviation; “I used to have an ultrlaight licence, but let that lapse. That's what you get when you make your hobby your work!”

Purchasing his first kit in October 2005 and the fuselage kit in October last year, Jeroen is currently around halfway through his build. “ Seeing a Plane is Born brought together pieces of a puzzle that had been floating informed in my head for a long time.” 


“Not having any experience in this sort of thing, having something that was fully debugged, well supported and with local builders to assist was important to me. I still find the build very enjoyable, though as with others I sometimes go faster than at other times. I see it very much as a hobby in itself and if there are other priorities, no problem, as long as I keep some progress.”

Jeroen is now around half way towards completing his Europa, and is enjoying every step of the process; “The interest that people have when they learn that you are actually building a real plane in your garage. It is obviously a much better converstion piece than a stamp collection .” 

When asked what he like best about his experience with Europa, his unhesitating answer is, “The community around the aircraf.. Talking to enthusiastic builders here in the Netherlands and a test flight did the rest. To be honest, I never seriously considered other types.”

Jeroen has a photoblog on the Europa Owners website, which you can follow here: