Europa Customer Profile - Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts was a late starter in the world of aviation, and waited until the age of 42 before he completed his pilot's licence. Flying RC aircraft since a young age, Jeff decided after reading about the Europa in 1994 that if he was ever going to attempt a kit plane project, it was going to be a Europa. From putting down the deposit at Oshkosh 2002 to the first flight in 2006, Jeff had to learn a whole new skill set from scratch to finish his project. ‘ I'm not mechanically incline at all and new nothing about composites. It was all learned as you go stuff.’

Jeff has built up around 190 hours in his Europa, nicknamed ‘Gold Rush’ by his Wife, and says that it ‘Flies like a dream.’ 

I chose the tri- gear because I thought I was going to be flying off pavement 99% of the time. I now live on a grass runway and Gold Rush flies great off grass… no problem.

“The truth of the matter is I chose the Europa from the typical metal choices because I told myself when I fly her to an air show I didn't want what everybody else had. My reason for the choice was wrong but I sure lucked into a great flying machine.” In today’s world it doesn't hurt that it gets to where it's gone so cheaply either.”




Gold Rush