Europa XS LSA only 30,500 GBP

The Europa XS LSA is now available as a complete Quick Build Airframe kit for only 30,500 GBP.

The kit comprises:

  • Control Surfaces
  • Hi-Top fuselage to provide extra headroom
  • Pre-moulded wings including tie down points and electronic stall warner
  • Pre-moulded fuselage with integral firewall 
  • Instrument panel (instruments not included)
  • All control linkages, landing gear, brake system, fuel system, doors, windows and windscreen, harnesses and trim system
  • Firewall Forward kit
  • All necessary hardware and resin 
  • LSA Modification – this comprises vortex generators to ensure compliance with the stall speed requirements of the LSA category. 

Quick Build

The Pre-formed NG Control Surfaces (Quick Build) format requires no Wet Cloth or Foam work. This option is standard in all Europa kits.

As part of the quick build option, Europa Aircraft can also pre-install the cockpit module for you before it leaves the factory. This is not a standard option, so please contact us for a quote for this additional service. 

Firewall Forward Kit

The contents of the Firewall Forward kit are dependent upon the choice of Rotax engine. Currently the Europa XS Firewall Forward only supports Rotax Engines.

The following will be included in the kit:

  • Europa engine mount - (fits Rotax ring mount)
  • Coolant radiator
  • Radiator ducting
  • Stainless steel exhaust system (Rotax 912 UL and Rotax 912ULS only)
  • Oil cooler
  • Throttle and choke cables
  • Top and bottom engine cowlings
  • All other hardware

Standard Starter options

There are a number of additional starter options available when you purchase a kit. Please note that these prices are discounted and only applicable when purchased in combination with the Airframe kit. This does not include retro fit.

The Default configuration is the Hi-Top cockpit (Mod 64B) giving extra headroom.  The original reduced height cockpit is also available as a no-cost option.

  • Fuel Contents Gauge (Mod 60) - £265
  • Finger Brakes – £500. Please note that the standard Europa Trigear fuselage kits include toe operating brakes
  • Speed Kit  - £1000
  • Cockpit Window Glass options (colour, tint, vent etc) – starting from £200

Build in Stages

The Europa XS LSA can be also purchased in four build stages, if you are interested in this option, please contact us for a quote. 

Build Assist & Composite Courses

Europa Aircraft offers Build Assist Programmes, together with aircraft finishing and Painting. 

We also run two day Composite Courses.


Engines are available from Europa Aircraft - we currently only support the installation of Rotax Engines.

Europa Aircraft supply Rotax Engines. Please contact us for a quote.


Propellers are available from Europa Aircraft - we recommend Airmaster Propellers.

Europa Aircraft is the European Supply and Support Centre for Airmaster products.  Please contact us for a quote.


Europa Aircraft strongly recommend you purchase all modifications and parts direct from Europa Aircraft

Terms and Conditions

Formal quotations are valid for 1 month from quotation date.

  • A 25% deposit is required with the order
  • A stage payment of 25% is required six weeks after the order date
  • The remaining 50% balance must be paid on completion prior to shipping
  • Website prices are not final, for final pricing please obtain a quote from Europa Aircraft. Quotes are valid from one month from date given, errors and omissions excepted. 
  • Europa Aircraft reserves the right to change prices, terms or conditions at any time without prior notice
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT, handling and delivery charges
  • In the event of any cancellation there may be charges
  • The engine, propeller, upholstery and instrumentation are not included in the price
  • All prices are ex works and exclusive of sales tax, shipping and handling costs